Of Flatulent Cows and Liberal Madness

The other day we were once again warned about that dire danger to our existence - cow flatulence. It just so turns out that the gaseous emissions of the bovine digestive tract account for more greenhouse gasses than all the SUVs, airplanes, trucks and cars combined. In other words, as far as global warming is concerned cows pose a greater threat to our survival than transport. And this according to the UN no less.

All those worried about the future of our planet should be asked whether they really believe that cow flatulence can lead to an atmospheric meltdown.

If you are even remotely tempted to answer in the affirmative you have a serious problem. And don't think that citing Al Gore will get you off the hook; hiding behind the foolhardiness of others is a poor way of concealing your own. The truth is that Al Gore is an unbalanced man which should be obvious to everyone with the eyes to see. That he still enjoys any credibility is evidence of just how confused we have become.

Which brings us to the rapidly growing ranks of crazies crowding the leftist loony land. To be sure, not all of them are panic-stricken followers of Al Gore. Should truth be told, the left has become a powerful magnet for the unhinged of all stripes. Lest you have any doubts consider some of the more mainstream views entertained therein:

  • Sucking out the brains of the unborn should be a constitutional right
  • It is proper for two men to become a husband and husband
  • Murderous Islamists are freedom fighters
  • Higher taxes lead to prosperity
  • George W. Bush had advance knowledge of 9/11
The question is how otherwise intelligent human beings - as many leftists clearly are - can believe such inanities. Many have puzzled hard over this but with little success, mainly because they tend to overlook the very thing from which it all ultimately originates.

Whatever else can be said about the left, godlessness is its cardinal trait. So much so that even the most unobtrusive and innocent tokens of religious expression unfailingly draw its ire. The Ten Commandments in a courthouse, ‘one nation under God' in the Pledge of Allegiance, ‘merry Christmas' in a greeting are like a red cape before a raging bull. The left is more than just atheistic; it is rabidly so.

But this is a very precarious state to be in and something that a very wise book expressly cautions against. There we learn that those who turn on God will be afflicted with ‘madness, blindness and confusion of mind.'

Only this can explain how apparently intelligent people can approve of driving a pair of scissors through the skull of an unborn baby, think it normal for two men to say ‘I do,' or believe that bovine flatulence will push up ocean tides.

Those who argue that liberal confusion is due to stupidity are flat out wrong. Hilary Clinton, Al Gore, John Edwards and many of their ritzy friends consistently display uncommon ingenuity and cunning in the management of their worldly affairs. Rather than lacking in brainpower, these people suffer from something worse. They have been stricken with that moral madness that so frequently grips those who turn against God. It is a madness whose roots are ultimately spiritual and one that is all the more insidious for the fact that it hides behind a façade of apparent normalcy.

It is an observable fact that the more virulently anti-God people are, the madder they as a rule become. We have seen a stunning demonstration of this in the former communist block where the flauntingly atheistic revolutionists ultimately succumbed to that terminal form of madness - bloodlust. So crazed they eventually became that murder and torture seemed the natural solution to every problem. Shedding their humanity in the name of ruthless secularism, those militant atheists left behind more than one hundred million corpses.

In the first Soviet Gulag, which was paradoxically set up in the ancient Solovetsk monastery, the Bolshevik capos flaunted their disdain for things divine by topping the altar with a picture of Lenin. So amusing they found their prank that for weeks they could not stop laughing. Even the fact that innocent people were dying all around them could do nothing to temper their hilarity. They did not laugh for very long, however, for in a few short years they all found themselves in a Stalinist hell. It was a hell where no one could be sure of his life, a hell where executioners would themselves be executed in wave after wave of never-ending purges. When it was all finished and done there lay twenty million dead. What began with wanton desecration ended in sheer madness.

It is a great tragedy that contemporary western leftists have shown themselves more than worthy heirs of their communist cousins. In addition to wreaking all kinds of social and economic havoc, their bloodlust has claimed more than forty million unborn in America alone. This, too, is sheer madness.

There is nothing more dangerous than waging war on God. Should you not be inclined to consult scriptures or study history, you only need to look at today's liberals to see that this is so. Once you do, you will see crazed devotees of infanticide and sexual perversion shamelessly flaunting and promoting their twisted ways.

It is difficult to accept that so many of our fellow citizens - and they almost invariably congregate on the political left and in the Democrat Party - have been struck with moral madness whereby they believe that evil is good and darkness light. The mangled bodies of countless little innocents stand out among their dark works as the chilling evidence of the reality of this dreadful affliction.

And now these same people cow in fear, because they think that cows will parp us out of existence. This is madness squared.

Behold liberals and be warned. Mocking God can carry a terrible price indeed.

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