Getting the Government the Third World Deserves

When Thomas Jefferson said that "people get the government they deserve," it was more than just a clever turn of phrase.  It also was not an isolated insight but a timeless truth, one expressed by many.  William Cowper said,

"When was public virtue to be found when private was not?"
Benjamin Franklin stated,
"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters."
Truth be known, I could probably fill a book with the words of wise ones who have spoken in kind.  But, you know, I understand this principle well.  I know that people get the government they deserve; what bothers me is that I'm going to get the government they deserve.

You should be bothered, too.  With the "people" changing radically through Third World immigration (Ted Kennedy's 1965 immigration act ensures that 85 percent of immigrants come from the Third World and Asia), it's legitimate to wonder how demographics influence democracy.  And it's not hard to understand how these folks will shape government, for they have done so before - in their own lands.

Since our largest immigrant group hails from Mexico, let's look south of the border.  Mexico is a thoroughly corrupt country, not at all unique in the Third World but certainly emblematic of it.  For instance, they have the dubious distinction of possibly having the most corrupt police force in the world, as Mexican authorities enforce whatever law pays them the most. According to a documentary on the subject, you can buy your way out of a fatal hit-and-run for 450 dollars. 

But the corruption is so systemic that many of us have heard the stories ourselves.  I remember being told of a man who traveled to Mexico and was mugged by the police (a documented example of theft by Mexican police can be found here).  Then I heard about a hapless soul who had to sell his home to pay tribute to a family with more clout and a grudge against him; the police paid him a visit and told him he'd be shot if he didn't.  Most recently, an acquaintance told me how he was pulled over for running a stop sign that didn't exist and had to pay the crooked cop a bribe so he could continue on his way.  And this corruption is mirrored in every aspect of Mexican society, in the bureaucrats, the courts and, of course, the politicians.

This is why cultural equivalency doctrine is nonsense.  People may complain about corruption here, and while it certainly exists, it's the exception, not the norm; by and large, we are still governed by the rule of law.  We don't fully appreciate this because in just the same way some of us take our lifestyle for granted - not realizing ours is a life of silk and satin as compared to most of the world - we also take for granted that one will be able to conduct everyday business and others will play by the rules.  But in most of the world this is the exception, not the norm.

In other words, if we want to descend into a culture of corruption, all we need do is continue the mass importation of Third Worlders through immigration, both illegal and legal.  Naturalization won't inculcate virtue immediately; rather, they will bring their passions, ideology and voting habits with them and lend their support to the same kinds of corrupt leftists they supported in their native lands.

It is quite true that previous waves of immigrants, from the Irish to Italians, Jews, Poles, and others, were also criticized at the height of their mass arrival on these shores, only to assimilate and become highly accomplished members of our civilization and society. But those who castigate today's critics of immigration on this basis usually fail to note that real problems were associated with the mass emigration at the time, and that the Immigration Act of 1924 (often denounced as racist, but also enacted in response to perceived problems) provided a half century-plus of minimal immigration, precisely the period in which assimilation worked its wonders on these earlier waves of immigrants, turning them into real Americans.

Moreover, in today's world of satellite television, cheap air travel, inexpensive internet telephone connections, and other communications advances, there is far, far less reason for arrivals to assimilate than earlier. Immigrants from Mexico, a bus ride away, where the schools teach that much of the American West properly belongs to Mexico, and where the American representative to the Miss Universe Contest in Mexico City was loudly booed Monday night, may have limited enthusiasm for assimilation and face community pressures to remain defiantly apart.

First-time Hispanic voters cast ballots for Bill Clinton by a staggering margin of fifteen to one.  So, while Bush once said that family values don't stop at the border, it certainly seems that free market ones do.  Preying on this, there is a tacit offer being made by the traitorous politicians among us:

Listen, come here with millions of your fellow travelers and vote for us, and, oh, oh, the rape shall commence.  We'll give you the wealth of the native people; we don't know how to say it in Spanish, but we have a nice euphemism: "Redistribution."  And the provincialists who would call it theft are simply too stupid to understand that if we make it legal, it cannot be wrong. 

Whenever I sound this alarm, I always receive emails from those who call me an alarmist, if not something worse.  They state with assurance that these Third Worlders will assimilate, just as Americans always had.

They dream.

If you want a glimpse of things to come (unless we reverse course), just study states in which Third Worlders have settled.  California was once a place where Ronald Reagan reigned supreme, a conservative citadel.  Now, with the majority of its population being of Third World and Asian heritage, it's on the cutting edge of societal devolution.  Its senators are Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein, and it has become a metaphor for politically correct insanity.  Reagan could be resurrected with all his charm and oratorical splendor, and he would not win his home state.

Arizona is another prime example.  Once synonymous with Barry Goldwater, it now elects senators such as John McCain and Jon Kyl, amnesty advocates both.  Hey, they know their constituency.

What do you think will happen when the Third World invasion hits your region?  Is your state possessed of a special aura that will magically transform these groups' collective ideology?  The truth is that once the whole nation looks like California, you'll be pressing two for English.

If you're a leftist such as Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton, you welcome this importation of socialist-minded voters.  If Lady Macbeth is her party's nominee, California will be a lock, and if the whole nation looked like the Golden State... well, her biggest worry would be competition from the left.  Yes, just imagine, if we become Mexico North, we'll have a Hillary Clinton or Al Gore on the right against a Hugo Chavez on the left.  Talk about the lesser of two evils.

Many have opined that this demographic trend spells doom for the Republican Party.  This epitaph is premature, however, so be not afraid if you're comforted by the sight of an office holder with an "R" beside his name.  Political parties are remarkably malleable; like water, they take the shape of the vessel in which they find themselves.  Sure, the Republicans will initially struggle to "rehabilitate" their image as an entity not given to nanny state, cradle-to-grave giveaways and perennial pandering to minority angst, but they shall persevere.  You'll get your candidates with the R's.  Although they may need to have Z's to the left of them. 

As for those welcoming this cultural suicide, they will learn the hard way that one must be careful what he wishes for; you see, by and large, they know not what they sow.   The politicians are blinded by power, the business interests by money, and the Mexicans by ethnic patriotism.  And, ironically, it is the last group that will probably be most unhappy as we devolve into Mexico North.  The only concerns of politicians and business are, respectively, power here and now and money here and now.  Most of these people are fairly old, and life beyond the next few elections or few dozen financial quarters is of no consequence.  If they are still around, perhaps assimilating into the culture of the French Riviera by joining the locals in mockery of boorish Americans, their Gulfstream jets will spirit them away to lands of milk and honey and their plunder will buy them all the political favors and favorable court rulings a Master of the Universe could ever need. 

The hapless Third Worlders, like most of the rest of us, won't be so fortunate.  Languishing in a  nation reminiscent of Blade Runner (that is, assuming America remains intact), they won't have pockets deep enough in which to keep police, bureaucrats, judges and politicians. 

Of course, one group that will welcome this cultural and economic breakdown is the Islamists.  A corrupt, balkanized land where political correctness carries the day is fertile soil for those who prey on desperate souls yearning for meaning and moral order. 

Be assured, though, immigration will come to an end.  Once the rape of these United States is complete, with money redistributed, productivity and wealth creation squelched and currency devalued, immigrants will stop coming here.  People generally don't go from one Third World country to another.

With the picture I've painted, one might think I have stock in the maker of Prozac.  Theoretically, though, we could still right the ship.  But the first step is the termination of an abusive relationship: Our love affair with mass immigration.  The historical norm is to protect your shores from culturally imperialistic foreign elements, not invite them in.  And the only reason this simple truth escapes us is that we have fallen victim to immigration and diversity dogma, to a sinister salesmanship, a leftist juggernaut that could sell a full-length burka to a NOW member.  And, in a way, that's exactly what they're doing. 

Or perhaps it's more like selling pork carnitas to a jihadist.  

No, actually, it's more like selling death to a civilization. 

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