Democrats Subverting US Global Strategy

There is no reasonable argument that the fight in Iraq is a key battle to deal a death blow to Baathist holdovers and foreign Jihadists and must therefore be fully funded to ensure victory.  But this campaign must not be taken in isolation.  During the ongoing defense budget confrontation between the Congress and the White House, the singular focus by the Democrats and their media cohorts on money issues concerning Iraq conceals an overarching effort aimed at dismantling the two key strategic maneuvers designed to secure our future for decades to come.The New Europe and missile defenseOur victory in the Cold War can now be seen as enabling the US and the West to position forces in Eastern Europe and Eurasia to go on the offense in the War on Terror.  It is not accidental that we have embarked on a strategy to construct a barrier of friendly military powers to deter expansion of terror state influence and to prevent the transfer of banned materials. The move into...(Read Full Article)