The Wolfowitz Set-up: Just Say "No"

When it comes to media reports of bad conduct by Administration officials and appointees, it is a good idea to Just Say No to the first accounts you read. Chances are the story was cooked up and peddled by political partisans (often one way or another funded by George Soros) or that disgruntled bureaucrats leaked to a lazy, gullible, if not complicit, press. The media conniption fit over Paul Wolfowitz' supposed "conflict of interest" at the World Bank is a prime example. Based on claims by disgruntled staffers, non-government agencies and some World Bank officials, the Financial Times painted a very skewed picture of Wolfowitz' role in the resolution of a personnel matter involving his companion, Shaha Riza, a long time Bank employee of note whose continued service the Bank determined would constitute a conflict of interest once he took over as President of the Institution, and called for his resignation.  Everyone who knows Paul Wolfowitz knows him to be a person of...(Read Full Article)