The New Lynching: Why I Must Defend Don Imus

So Don Imus has been fired from his radio show, and all is well in the world.  We all know about the maelstrom that developed around the aging shock jock, who has found out how loose lips sink ships, in this case his own.  But even though his is a vessel I never would have christened, I find a certain conclusion inescapable here.  I must defend Don Imus.Lest I be misunderstood, I have no use for the man, nor any for the rest of his ilk.  I know him to be a poster boy for our cultural decay, a man who, along with innumerable fellow babblers, disgorges cultural effluent on a daily basis.  He has been a willing participant in the defining of deviancy downwards and I normally would not lament his departure.  Given my thorough condemnation of the man, in what way do I defend him?   It's very simple: What really matters with respect to this issue has nothing to do with Imus.  This is because this has everything to do with race, but not in the way...(Read Full Article)