Home of the Hamburger?

A veritable war among the states has broken out, with various locales claiming to be the home of our iconic national meal on a bun. Americans are a proud bunch, and we love our hamburgers, selling them by the billions at home and around the world. Rival claims to inventing this significant contribution to world cuisine not only exist, they have been backed by the majesty of legislative and executive acts on the part of a few states. No National Guard units have been mobilized yet, but the controversy is still escalating.A brief rundown of rival hometowns for the burger certainly is in orderFletcher Davis of Athens, Texas?The most recent hamburger controversy began in late 2006, when Betty Brown of the Texas House of Representatives filed a bill declaring Athens, Texas to be the "Original Home of the Hamburger."  In the 1970s, Frank X. Tolbert (1912-1984)  published articles in the Dallas Morning News about the history of the hamburger. Tolbert contended...(Read Full Article)