Galileo Denied Consensus

In 1632 Galileo Galilei was accused of heresy for questioning the Aristotelian "consensus model" of the universe which held that the sun and all other heavenly bodies revolve around the earth.  He was threatened by the Inquisition with torture for holding these views, despite the fact that he - and anyone who troubled to do so - could see through a telescope that moons orbit the planet Jupiter. An old man, Galileo was forced to recant and confess his error; he thereby escaped being burnt at the stake and was instead sentenced to house-arrest for the rest of his life. Science and history have of course proven him right.  Ever since, the notion of enforced "consensus" has been anathema to scientists.  Until now. The dawn of the 21st century sees relentless strident attempts to enforce consensus about global warming theory.  These modern inquisitors, replete with Supreme Court rulings, brand "deniers" of impending apocalyptic global...(Read Full Article)