Tragicomedy in the Bavarian Alps

This article originally appeared on the pseudonymous German blog Lizas Welt. Since its launch in February 2006, Lizas Welt has quickly established itself as one of the most influential "essay blogs" in German. The English translation is by John Rosenthal.It is well known that anti-American jokes are in fashion nowadays here in Germany. Whoever, for example, pokes the usual fun at George W. Bush can be more or less sure to have the laughs on his side. And then those "Amis" have such absurd laws: in America, for example, one can sue the tobacco industry for damages if one gets lung cancer from smoking too much. The average German just shakes his head, because that he finds crazy. When, however, what goes on in his own country is far more bizarre, he barely takes notice. This although hardly anything could surpass the tragicomedy involved in three neo-Nazis who use the phrase "Glory and Honor of the Waffen-SS!" being acquitted of charges of having violated...(Read Full Article)