Agent Bond

The Libby trial finished for last week on Thursday with the start of the cross examination of FBI agent Deborah Bond, the interrogator who first questioned Libby. The cross examination revealed that Bond was hostile, that she had neglected to fully incorporate into her notes of the interview important portions of his testimony, most especially some matters that Libby's counsel had specifically asked be included. These were:o Libby's statement at the initial interview that he had been unable to review his own notes;o that his memory of the events was imperfect; o that he was offering up just his present sketchy recollection; ando that he could be more precise after he'd had an opportunity to review his notes. (Neverthess, even in that initial interview when he was relying solely on his recollection he said he believed the Vice President had told him on about June 12, 2003 that Wilson's wife worked in counter proliferation.)In his second interview, after he'd had an...(Read Full Article)