The Offensiveness of Taking Offense

"The voicing of the unpopular being the very soul of free speech, the right to give and take offense shall not be infringed."Sometimes I think it is time to insert the above into our First Amendment.  Whether it's an off-color joke or colorful commentary, it's now hard to make anything but the most plain vanilla statements without offending somebody.  In fact, so ingrained is the notion of being offended that it's become a topic of TV commercial satire.  Just think about GEICO's commercials with stone-age characters taking umbrage at the slogan, "So easy a caveman can do it."Ironically, associating cavemen with being thin-skinned is quite apropos, since it is a frailty born of the more ignoble aspects of man's nature.  As to this, I think about documentarian Alby Mangels who, while visiting primitives in Papua New Guinea, warned against "knocking back their hospitality."  Prudence dictated he be wary, as those less spiritually and...(Read Full Article)