To Our Sheepdogs (a poem)

It's so easy to forget them there,

As we warm beside the fire,

Those spread so far out everywhere,

Those sent to man the wire.

Patrolling on the front line,

As peacefully here we bask,

Protecting what is yours and mine,

That's their hard, dreary task.

Like sheep we are protected,

From the far off wolves of war,

And our Sheepdogs as expected,

Never waver from their chore.

In peace we sheep ignore their kind,

Wary of their violent trends;

But when the wolves attack we find,

These Sheepdogs are our friends.

Forever this has been the way,

Since time for us began,

Sheep fearing that the Sheepdogs may

Disrupt our placid plan.

Yet time again Dogs surely prove,

When comes a wolfine danger,

The Sheepdogs will most swiftly move

To guard the lambs, the manger.

So here's to Sheepdogs everywhere

At this Christmas time of year;

Just know the flock is with you there,

And we wish you Christmas cheer.

We wish we could advance the clock,

Cause truth is, Dogs, we miss you,

To the day that you'll rejoin the flock,

When we'll sheepishly then kiss you.

Russ Vaughn

(To more fully understand the "Sheepdogs" reference, the reader should go here and here)
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