How to Save Christmas: Say "La Maunia Le Kilisimasi" ("Merry Christmas" in Samoan)

‘Tis the season, and once again Christmas is under siege by various political and commercial interests. If you haven't heard, for several years, Christmas, including even the word "Christmas," has been under attack. Various groups have been attempting to dilute Christmas by promoting competitor holidays, as well as punish those who attempt to preserve Christmas.

Examples abound, but the most obvious are the replacement of "Merry Christmas," with "Happy Holidays," resulting from such artifices as the artificial elevation of Chanukah, the inclusion of Ramadan and the invention of Kwanzaa as Christmas competitors. Exiling Jesus from Christmas observance is now almost the norm, and even the semi-secular Santa Claus is under attack by Leftist interests.

Before jumping in head first into the business of saving Christmas, it's worthwhile to use an analogy. It's been said that if British fox hunting had been beloved by blacks and gays, rather than white British aristocrats, it would have been embraced by the political Left instead of banned by it. In other words, anti-fox hunting activists are as motivated by their political hostilities as they are by their regard for animal welfare. Indeed, evidence suggests even more so. In regard to hunting endangered animals, which foxes are not, the Left gives a pass to non-white indigenous groups in, for example, Australia and North America, if it is part of their traditional customs. It's as though the animals must not be endangered while said groups hunt them!

One of the unmentionables about Christmas censorship is why this phenomenon occurs mainly to Christian holidays, and generally not to other religion's holy days. Attacks on Christmas started on the Left, and only migrated to the commercial sector after an effective period of demonization.

What is it about Christmas that has provoked such hatred in the Left? Similar to the fox hunting ban, the Left's dislike of white Christians lies at the heart of Christmas phobia. This has resulted in Christmas being placed onto the Left's chopping block. And as with fox hunting, if the American style of celebrating Christmas were less "white," Leftists would be less inclined to ban it. Indeed, they may become the strongest supporters of "exotic" Christmases. The elite Left, majority white, is nothing if not self-hating. Being irrationally xenophilic is their passive-aggressive response to "apple pie" Americana.

The Left is animated by hatred of individuals and groups of people in positions of power whom it has rightly or wrongly deemed evil. In America, that historically means the Left hates whites, especially Western European Protestants. That whites, and in particular, Anglo Saxons, no longer have the lock on power they once did in the United States doesn't disturb the Leftist mind. Leftists are equally oblivious to actual threats, such as the Islamic jihad terror movement, which threaten Leftist progressive values more than the once-dominant American Anglo Saxon culture ever did, if it ever did.

In the mind of the American Left, Christianity is intimately connected to American Anglo Saxon culture. As a result, so is Christmas, ridiculous though this is in historical context.

The Left hates the majesty of Anglo Saxon culture, and that includes its Christmas traditions. In attacking the Protestant Jesus, small-town Biblical values, and even Santa Claus, the Leftist, at least subconsciously, feels he is attacking the hated Anglo Saxon. Details like Christianity being a religion of Middle Eastern origin practiced mostly by non-whites are not a concern of Leftists, who operate on inaccurate feelings, not fact. The Leftist is only worried about the people in his world, not the real world. In the Leftist's world, Christianity is the religion of a hated and powerful white majority. Obvious contradictions to this worldview are ignored through the process of cognitive dissonance.

Despite a good show, most Leftists are not really worried about Constitutional issues, such as the separation of church and state. Witness a California school system's inclusion of Islamic teachings in the curricula, including role playing, fasting and memorizing the Koran, which was upheld by the Leftist-dominated 9th Circuit Court. Christian parents are rightly shocked by the Court's double standard that would have condemned out of hand an equivalent instruction in Christianity.

The secret to saving Christmas is to understand that in the mind of a Leftist, other religions, particularly Islam, are "multicultural" religions practiced by "people of color." Hence, they get a pass from Constitutional oversight, while Christmas, the predominate religion of whites, doesn't. Of course, such color-coding of religion makes egregious history. But Leftists are only interested in the feelings of the historically illiterate 60's folk singer. The historical reality of Ethiopian Abyssinians celebrating Christmas while most Europeans were worshipping Odin or Zeus is not a mental reality for Leftists.

So, if Christians want to save Christmas, they need to play the game.  Ask yourself-What's more important, reviving the Christmas of Bethlehem or preserving today's degenerated version? Let's face it, even without the Christophobes, Christmas has strayed from its roots.

Now is a good time to call Leftists' bluff. Give them one hell of an international Christmas. Nigerian Christmas meals. Chinese Nativity scenes. American Indian Christmas dances. After all, Jesus was from Nazareth, not Newcastle. I'm betting most Leftists will be much less inclined to attack authentic displays of non-"Eurocentric" Christmases once confronted with them.

Leftists, being more sensatory than factual, are easily swayed by flaws in human logic, known as cognitive biases. Short circuit their thought process by waving some multicultural meat in front of them, and 80% of Leftists will forget all about their appeals to Constitutional principal. It's really a win-win situation, regardless. Christians get Christmas back, and Leftists get another exotic experience with "The Other" to feel good about.

Businesses-no dummies-will sense where the money is moving, and quickly tear down the Happy Holiday signs and return Merry Christmas to its rightful place. The remaining leftists who actually stand for principal-those un-hypocritical few who are truly committed to a strident form of secular government-will find that even the 9th Circuit will have abandoned them once the first American Indian crèche graces a public lawn or Ethiopian Christmas greeting is posted in a public school hallway. That being said, I'll respect their heavy but even-handed condemnations of all expressions of any religion in government, but then thank God they are only reminders not to abuse our freedom of religious expression, not actual law.

Heck, even traditionalists like me may see more Christmases as an opportunity to boost the traditional American Christmas. Real competition, and not the contrived politically correct kind, will do it good. That's' the American way. I'm confident the American Christmas of yesteryear will make a strong comeback as a partner with other Christmases.
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