What Do We Do with the Remains?

Press and politicians have decided Iraq's fate. And so we ask them: What do we do with the remains? Remnants Of Iraq's 13 million aged 19 or less, how many will join Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups as America leaves? One percent is 130,000, half a percent 65,000. What does your projection say? Over 8,000 Iraqi soldiers and police have been killed since Saddam fell. How many more need die before all give up fighting for their country? What then will those 300,000 US-trained fighters do? Women now serve in the Iraqi parliament. Will they after America leaves? Will Iraq have a parliament at all? What do we do with the new $592 million US embassy? Will an American ambassador be welcome? If so, what will he do? If Al Qaeda takes over Iraq, what will it teach in its schools? What will Iraqi girls do? Other scraps The UN proved Iraq developed WMD and had the know-how rapidly to produce even more. How many of its scientists will Al Qaeda recruit - willingly or not? With America gone, will Iraqi Shias turn to Iran as their ally? How will Israel react? What then is the plan for dealing with Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and others in the Middle East? Since China's signing oil contracts around the world, how soon after America goes will they ink Iraq? How high will gas prices rise? Will Turkey stay an ally if Iraqi Kurds declare independence and urge Turkish Kurds to rebel? Will Iraqis turn to Russia for tanks, planes, ships, missiles, mines, rockets, and nuclear enrichment? Or will it be to the Chinese? What will Saudis say? How high will gas prices go? More scraps When do we cease spending billions on research to stop IEDs causing over half of American combat deaths? Since we'll leave Afghanistan soon after abandoning Iraq, what good will anti-IED tactics do? When do we announce the new American policy that we refuse to go anywhere IEDs are used, especially if eventually they're chemical, biological, or dirty nuclear? Boots The American commander in Iraq says Iraq can protect itself by next Fall or the following Spring. Who takes over their training when the US goes? How many Iraqis will sign up then? Who'll be in command? Will an Iraqi general control the country if the current Iraqi government falls? Will he be a Musharraf or a Mubarak? As American troops withdraw, what will remaining ones do? How will they be protected? If by air, where based? Will American planes still be accepted on Iraqi soil? If not there, where? If elsewhere in the Middle East, will Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Iran, or Saudi Arabia open its air space? Which ports will still be open to US ships? Other Angles Some insist on additional US troops. Saddamists hid when they saw 140,000. Will they surface if they see more? Will Syria and Iran offset American boosts? Will Al Qaeda? Time Bill Clinton had been in office • 13 months before the World Trade Center was bombed, • four years when Osama Bin Laden declared war on the United States, • six years when Al Qaeda destroyed American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, • eight years when the U.S.S. Cole was attacked. How much time did he need to protect the US? Five years ago the Twin Towers fell. How much more time does New York need to rebuild? Iraq has had its constitution for 13 months, its prime minister less than six. Time's up. "We cannot save the Iraqis from themselves," the incoming Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee noted. Could he tell us what we do with the remains?

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