Richard Armitage and the Quiet Death of Liberty TV

All his usual formalities of perfidy were observed with scrupulous technique.    —Winston Churchill on Hitler's Invasion of Russia Washington offers numerous opportunities for high officials bent on undermining the Will of Congress, as well as the Chief Executive and his explicit, lawful directives. Richard Armitage, as we now know, ignored an express Presidential Directive in the Plame investigation when he failed to notify the White House that he was the source of the leak to Bob Novak. But that was not the first time Mr. Armitage has disregarded the President's explicit orders. Rumors abounded for years that he and Secretary of State Colin Powell regularly undermined the Administration and its plans in countless other ways respecting Iraq. Most of those claims are not capable of proof because they consisted of anonymous information supplied to reporters and others. But one case breaks that mold: the killing of Liberty TV. Legislation was passed funding Liberty...(Read Full Article)