Hillary Clinton's minority report: she thinks we're stupid

'I'm a minority!'  If you've ever said this, you've lost more than half the battle.  You've lost it all.  Where once we were taught that 'all men are created equal' and that we were indeed made in 'the image and likeness of God', it is now anti—social and politically non—expedient to hold these beliefs. The Scriptural foundations of these beliefs are held in scorn in many circles. The truth is that "minority" is a statistical expression, not a person. 

There are those among us who take advantage of the ingrained mindset that because of certain conditions formulated at birth, self—reliance is impossible.  For example, where do you think the following comments were made? 

'We are going to continue to go forward on voting rights, and we are not going to let a state like Georgia pass a law that is going to cost people 20, 25, $30 to get a different kind of ID that can only be gotten at a few places in the state, and if you don't have it you can't vote. That is a modern form of voter suppression and a poll tax that we have got to be against.' 

It sure wasn't made at a political dinner on the upper West Side.  No, the comments were made by New York Senator Hillary Clinton at the Congressional Black Caucus convention held last week in Washington.  The implication?  For black people, $20 is hard to come by.

Here's another good example.  Mrs. Clinton spoke this past summer at the 2005 National Council of La Raza Annual Conference.  Her remarks included this commentary:

And I know, particularly, that lead contamination harms the development and intelligence of almost a million American children. And Hispanic children are twice as likely to be affected.

Now, lead poisoning is completely preventable, if landlords and parents know the risks and take the action necessary to remove the threat. If we do not take that action, lead poisoning undermines the intellectual ability and the learning capacity of otherwise perfectly bright, normal children. That's why I mention it to you, because I will soon be introducing legislation to give incentives to homeowners and landlords to engage in the safe removal of lead—based hazards. I want your help on this because no child's dream should be ended when he is a toddler because of lead paint poisoning in a situation over which he and his family have very little control, if any.

Mrs. Clinton believes 'minorities' are stupid.  A close reading of the above statement makes that belief 'literal' as well as a more broad classification.   This is how the Democrat Party breaks it down:

1) You are unable to take care of your children because you're stupid.
2) You live in a run down tenement building run by shoddy landlords because you're stupid.
3) You are unable to keep clean and repair your surroundings by yourself because you're stupid.

More from Mrs. Clinton:

I also want your help to take on asthma. We are in the middle of an asthma epidemic. Asthma rates doubled between 1985 and 2005 — and no community is being hit harder than the Latino community. In my own state, in New York City, one in every three asthma sufferers is Hispanic, and in some communities, like East Harlem, New York, one out of every three Puerto Rican children is asthmatic. And, because of the problems in our health care system, many of these children are not getting adequate treatment.

I'm glad she wants to 'take on asthma.'  I'm glad she pointed out that the 'Latino community' is especially hard hit because of the squalor conditions they've made for themselves in East Harlem. 

Look, smart people know that cures to serious medical conditions come from private sector pharmaceutical companies who pour millions into research and development initiatives.  Smart people also know that Mrs. Clinton attempted to impede that research and development by calling those companies 'greedy' and filthy profiteers.  During her attempted takeover of the medical sector in the early 90's, her comments had a serious negative effect on the stocks of many of those companies (though her own holdings int hese shares were sold before this happened — nobody ever accused her of being stupid when it comes to money).  When a company's stock price declines, it makes it more expensive to raise capital to continue its operations.  What do you think that does to the price of the next drug it produces? 

Stop helping these people in the rock solid belief that we are stupid.  As General Honore said recently, 'Don't get stuck on stupid.'