Democrats and Deep Vote fraud

I was contacted recently by a source (who wishes to remain anonymous) who is a local Washington, D.C. community leader and who has 'done some computer work for several candidates over the years in DC.'  He is also a man who has conducted his own study of vote—fraud in the inner—city.  Close—up, and definitely not for attribution.  I will dub this source 'Deep Vote.'
Deep Vote told me that in a previous article I had missed the most important single factor of all, one that logically explains why the majority of vote fraud takes place in the inner cities, and benefits Democrats.  There has been a lot of controversy recently about comparative vote fraud

Experience has taught Deep Vote that it is transiency which provides Democrat political operatives with the most golden of opportunities to steal votes.  In depressed urban areas an inordinate number of residents move in and out every year, with some taking up residence for only a brief time.  Stability is less common among the poverty—stricken and others suffering social dysfunctions, and such people are more numerous in large urban areas than elsewhere.

A high rate of transiency inevitably leaves a large number of people who no longer live in an area on the voter rolls.  The local authorities, says Deep Vote, 'are always somewhat late on removing non—residents.'  All the Democrat operatives need do then is ascertain who these people are and vote for them.  Deep Vote explains the mechanics of this process.  
What we first need to know is that the Democrat operatives who are central to this fraud are known as 'block captains' and 'apartment captains.'  Deep Vote tells us that a captain is a GOTV (Get out the vote) term for a campaign volunteer who knows the territory and is given a list of voters on his block or in his building who are believed to be sympathetic to his candidate.   He is then charged with the task of driving these partisans to the polls. 

Deep Vote then explains that since captains are usually 'local/neighborhood leaders' or in the least have 'been there for a while,' they 'would know who has moved out.'  It is then that the captains examine the voter rolls and 'vote those people.'

Deep Vote also related his firsthand experience investigating this type of vote—fraud.  He said,

'I did an analysis of Marion Barry's win for Ward 8 City Council in DC a while back.  I could prove that it [vote—fraud] happened.'

Explaining his methods he said,

'I ran an analysis of 'sudden voters' (my term) by ward: Those registered for some time (years), and either had voted some time ago or had not voted since registered, and suddenly voted in the primary. Ward 8 had significantly more such voters than the other wards in this election (there were city—wide races and other council races going on).'

He continued,

'Then, since I couldn't get Prince George's County, MD voters/motor vehicle databases (too expensive, bureaucracy, whatever) I did a unique name match on several of the sudden voters with PG on a public telephone database (The lower class black community has a lot of intentionally unique first names. Match that with an uncommon last name, and then against another database and you have something close to as good as [a] Social Security number).

'I chased several of the voters by phone (It's real work).  Most had in fact moved out, and no, they had not voted in DC [emphasis mine].

'It's a qualitative analysis, not quantitative.  With good databases, SSN or something similar, one could probably prove a lot, given the proportion of sudden voters.'

Deep Vote also mentions factors that have exacerbated this problem by enabling these election thieves. First, many states have enacted 'Motor Voter' laws, which he says often increase the chances of this type of vote—fraud.  The reason for this is that such laws lead to the registration of larger numbers of irresponsible people who live transient lifestyles.

Then, not surprisingly, where there's the appearance of corruption and turpitude there often lurks the Reverend without a congregation, Jesse Jackson.  Some years ago he brought pressure to bear on Washington, DC to stop purging the voter rolls because doing so was 'racist.' You see, racism is something on which ol' Jesse is an authority.

Anyway, such a story is reminiscent of the hue and cry that ensued when Florida purged its voter rolls; back then accusations of racism were hurled as well.  Just know, though, that those who use this ploy are scoundrels, scheming to facilitate the vote—fraud that can vault their candidate into office.  Such people are to be despised.

It would necessitate nonpareil powers of divination to know exactly how many votes the Glass House Party steals every election.  As Deep Vote said,

''s one of those things the best practitioners don't brag about.' 

But I do know this: with Democrats having a stranglehold over virtually all of the most densely populated urban areas in America, and with their tent including the constituency of the departed — both from this world and the neighborhood — it's well within their capacity to squeeze enough votes out of inner cities to turn close elections.

Of course, this is not the first time that someone has lamented these blighted areas' high illegitimacy rate . . . regarding votes, that is.  We've long heard such stories.  So, methinks it's time for a variation on a pearl of wisdom from esteemed Democrat Joycelyn Elders (You know, of 'safer bullets' and 'we have to teach kids how to_______' fame):

Let's make sure that every vote is a planned and wanted vote. 

The Democrats can incessantly recite their mantra, 'every vote must be counted,' but this doesn't mean twice.  Nor does it mean that the 'party of inclusion' has the luxury of providing a voice for their split personalities, channeled souls, imaginary childhood friends, dearly departed or the devil on their left shoulder.

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