Blood-feast in Berkeley

On March 18th, a shocking crime took place in Berkeley, California, at a spot famous for sweeping Bay views, distinguished architecture, and the genteel atmosphere that wealthy 'progressives' create for themselves. An elderly woman, walking home with her husband from an extension class at the University of California, was grabbed by a young woman who was walking toward her on the sidewalk. In a flash, her throat was slit to the bone.

As she spurted blood, the suspect drove off with her companion, another young woman, in a light blue BMW M3 convertible, a car which carries a suggested retail price of 55 thousand dollars.

Astoundingly, the victim survived the attack, thanks to the many witnesses who called for police and medical assistance, and after six hours in surgery and an extended stay in intensive care, has been released from the hospital. The 75 year old also survived being struck by lightning in her youth.

From the beginning, police and prosecutors were very cagey in revealing information about the case. The victim's name was not published in the press, for reasons of 'security.' Two days after the crime, a suspect was apprehended, a sixteen year old juvenile, whose name was withheld, as is the usual case with juveniles. She was jailed and then ordered to undergo psychological examination. Subsequent press reports indicated that the suspect had a history of both mental illness and violent attacks. She had escaped from a care facility.

But the most curious aspect of the case is the identity, behavior, and subsequent official treatment of the companion. Eleven days after the incident, the press revealed that she was a county mental health worker assigned to Juvenile Hall. Still declining to reveal her name, authorities placed the juvenile mental health worker on paid administrative leave, despite the fact that she had witnessed, if not participated in a horrific crime, had not reported it to the police, and had accompanied the perpetrator in her escape.

Yesterday, April 6th, the press learned the name of the alleged companion, as police issued a warrant for her arrest. The Oakland Tribune reported 

Berkeley police attempted to arrest Hamaseh Kianfar, 30, at her Marin County home Tuesday, but she was not there. Sources said negotiations were under way between authorities and Kianfar's attorney for her surrender.

A no—bail warrant has been issued for Kianfar's arrest.

Kianfar was reported to be the owner of the BMW convertible used to get away from the scene of the crime.

Disturbingly, it was revealed that Kianfar had been questioned by police twice regarding the incident, and had changed her story.

Sources said Kianfar originally told police she just happened to be driving by when she spotted the teenager.

Her second story to police was that she was visiting friends in North Oakland and afterward spotted Webster looking distraught on Telegraph Avenue. Knowing the girl's history, Kianfar said she decided to give the teenager a ride, and they ended up in the Berkeley hills, where the attack occurred.

Despite prima facie evidence of lying to the police, in addition to witnessing and failing to report a very serious crime, and apparently facilitating the escape of the assailant, she was not arrested at the time. 

Authorities believe Kianfar drove with the juvenile suspect to the scene of the crime, and the juvenile got out of the passenger seat. After the attack, witnesses said, the slasher and her companion walked quickly to a light—blue BMW M3 convertible, got in and drove away.

Berkeley police initially called the mystery woman who was with the slasher an "accomplice." After they arrested the 16—year—old suspect, however, police said they had identified the companion and had not arrested her.

Why the kid glove treatment of a woman entrusted with the responsibility of care for mentally disturbed juveniles? Especially, given the fact that, according to Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson was county policy for social workers stationed at Juvenile Hall not to spend time with clients off the premises, other than in special sanctioned cases...

After the arrest warrant was issued, Kianfar's attorney reportedly negotiated conditions of her surrender, and she surrendered to Oakland police yesterday, April 6th,

But the special treatment of Kianfar continues. Despite the no—bail condition of the warrant issued for her arrest, Kanfar was released on $15,000 bail (just over a quarter of the list price of her high performance sports car), the 'standard' amount for someone charged with being accessory—after—the—fact   in an attempted homicide, the only charge currently lodged.

But, shockingly and inexplicably:

For unknown reasons, Kianfar was not booked, fingerprinted or photographed by Oakland police Wednesday, authorities said. She was also given a May 6 court date; Felony suspects are generally required to appear in court within 48 hours.

So who on earth is this woman, Hamaseh Kianfar?

Unless there are two women of the same name living in Marin County, California, she appears to be quite an interesting and indeed prominent character. lists her as the author of the book Sufi Stories, the holder of master's degree and candidate for a Ph.D.

Further research indicates that she is the daughter of the co—founders of the International Association of Sufism