Note to media: they're not insurgents

You were hard—pressed to find the story or to see the images anywhere in the mainstream media. Three unarmed Iraqi election officials recently murdered in cold blood on their way to work — dragged from their car and shot in the head, execution style, by spineless terrorists. The entire massacre was caught on film.  Their crime?  Helping to further the cause of a free and democratic Iraq. 

Since the end of major combat operations, hundreds upon hundreds of innocent Iraqi men women and children have been deliberately targeted and blown limb from limb by foreign invaders — by the same Al Qaeda, Muslim fundamentalist terrorists who murdered three thousand Americans on 9—11, and who would gleefully kill every American man woman and child if they could.     

But to the liberal media and to the left, these terrorists are merely 'Iraqi insurgents' — noble freedom fighters skillfully and willfully endeavoring to rid Iraq of the Great Satan,  wronged rebels attempting to righteously combat an 'illegal' American—led foreign 'occupation.'  The blame—America—first crowd prefers to lay responsibility for the death of innocents at the feet of the true enemy...President Bush...Donald Rumsfeld...the American soldier...the United States!   

Michael Moore, the bloated, bloviating propagandist filmmaker who was seated in great prominence at this year's Democratic National Convention, perhaps best personifies today's left.  This morsel of Moore wisdom nicely sums up the liberal take on the terrorists:

'The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not 'insurgents' or 'terrorists' or 'The Enemy.' They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow — and they will win.'

In wars past, prior to the advent of 'political correctness,' these words would likely have been considered treasonous, and may have even been actionable.  Many regard them as treasonous still today — or at least deem both the words, and those who acknowledge them to be un—American.   

But such people are not un—American.  They are American (notwithstanding the fact that they are clearly ashamed to be).  What they do is anti—American.  The irony is palpable  — they loathe the very country in which they possess the inalienable right to spew such poisonous tripe without fear of retribution.  They have nothing but disdain for the men and women who have died, and continue to die, so that they can freely and richly live out their lives as thankless, pitiful, misguided blowhards. 

In truth, these anti—American Americans embody the terrorists' false hope for victory.  They unwittingly add fuel to the fire.  As they besmirch our Nation's noble effort to provide freedom and democracy to the Iraqi people, these naysayers, these purveyors of doom and gloom only help to galvanize the terrorists — to embolden them and strengthen their resolve.  Whether or not they realize it, their actions severely undermine progress in the war on terror.  They have become unwitting terrorist allies.  As a result of their words and deeds, American troops and innocent Iraqis have died — and will continue to die.   

War is hell!  It's an extremely tough road that lies ahead.  The upcoming Iraqi elections will prove to be a pivotal milestone, signifying the beginning of the end for the terrorists.  As they continue to ramp up their murderous efforts, don't think they don't realize it. 

But already, America and the world are safer with Saddam Hussein dethroned.  To a large degree, the Iraqis are a liberated people — the majority of them will tell you that.  They're free from the clutches of the evil despot responsible for the murder, rape and torture of hundreds of thousands of innocents.  The Butcher of Baghdad will never again fill mass graves with the tortured bodies of the blameless.  His minions will never again rape and murder little girls as their fathers are forced to watch.  He now sits in prison awaiting his fate, which lies in the hands of the very people he victimized.  With freedom comes justice — and despite the best efforts of the terrorists and their anti—American allies — freedom and justice will prevail in Iraq.        

J. Matt Barber is a non—practicing attorney, an undefeated heavyweight professional boxer (Matt 'Bam Bam' Barber), and a jazz drummer in Chicago, IL.