Not a fair fight

Oh Boy! Just when you thought the legacy media might have wised—up in the wake Dan Rather's career crash, along comes Nick Coleman, the worst columnist at the Worst Major Daily Newspaper in America. The old adage is that when you find yourself in a hole, you should stop digging. Instead, Nick has rented a metaphorical backhoe. Coleman is about to gain fame well beyond his home market, and I don't think he is going to enjoy the experience.

Evidently, Nick has been wounded deeply by the ridicule he has endured at the hands of fellow Minnesotans John Hinderaker and Scott Johnson, who comprise two of the three principals of Powerline, just named the first—ever "Blog of the Year" by Time Magazine. As result, he attempts to hit back with inuendo about the size of the sexual organs of his antagonists.

Today's Minneapolis Star—Tribune publishes a column