Defending Teresa

Marrying money is an old tradition in all societies —— especially for women.  And in John F. Kerry's ancestral aristocratic Europe, power marriages to consolidate empires were quite common.

If political empire—building was a reason for Kerry's current or past marriage, it certainly doesn't say much for him, amounting to further proof that he is a weakling who can be bought at a high enough price.

While marrying for money is less than admirable in the eyes of many Americans, brought up on the —— sometimes false —— notions of romantic love, it is not a crime.  If both parties went into the transaction with their eyes open and an ironclad pre nup —— as I'm sure they did —— there are many practical advantages for all involved.

Most Americans, a people steeped in pragmatism, can find something to approve. That is, if they care. Which they don't. Most of us have enough problems with our own romantic entanglements. And besides, there seems to be no kinky sex involved, as far as anyone has even speculated.  So boring.

Think of advantages to society in this Heinz—Kerry arrangement. It keeps Kerry safely off the streets and out of the beds (presumably) of Hollywood actresses. And, according to the latest popular studies by pychologists, sociologists, anthrolpologists and health experts, married men are happier, less prone to health problems and social deviance.

There are, in America, many women who gained some vicarious hope from the Heinz—Kerry link —— especially all the post 55 ones who despair of ever (re)marrying.  Teresa Heinz benefitted also. The marriage protected her from the real creeps lurking out there. For all his faults, John F. Kerry is a fairly stolid sort of guy, and no psychopath.

So think of Heinz and Kerry as Clever Girl and the Boy Scout, who took care of themselves quite well.  Shrewd move by both. 
My esteemed editor may rail and rant all he wishes about Teresa's nuttiness and John F's craven serial exploitation of other men's fortunes.

In my opinion, we should all be so, uhm, fortunate. Or something.