Young Lady Responds to Michelle Obama - I'm First!

Credit: TRUTHstreammedia
In her recent "The American Dream is still alive, we swear" propaganda piece on how anyone from anywhere with any amount of money can succeed in college, Michelle makes it seem effortless to go to college. After all, she went to Princeton (with the help of student loans) and look where she is today! It must be so much fun to take a $4 million tax-payer funded vacation to Hawaii!

The first lady has been seen out and about at local high schools, teaching kids about how they 'only have to fill out one little form' to get financial aid (and sign their life away to crushing student loan debt with the federal government that will haunt them throughout their adulthood as they struggle just to find a job in a country where only 47% of adults even have a full-time job and the fastest growing sector is "food service").

Meanwhile, guess which bubble economic experts are saying is going to burst next? That's right, the $1 TRILLION student loan bubble because none of these shiny new graduates can even find a job in this country to pay back those loans, let alone get anywhere in life where the American Dream truly is only a dream anymore because you have to be asleep to believe it (as George Carlin famously said).

P.S. -- Can you believe she actually said, "she and President Obama don't give Christmas gifts to each other. They merely say, 'We're in Hawaii,' and that's Christmas gift enough."

"This is my personal response to First Lady Michelle Obama's 'I'm First' video..."