CNN Not Buying 'Voter Suppression' for Defeated Gun Control Dem...

Refusing to accept her defeat gracefully, recalled Colorado state Sen. Angela Giron appeared on CNN Thursday to blame her embarrassing ouster on "voter suppression." Earlier this week, Colorado residents voted to recall Giron and Democratic Senate President John Morse over a number of gun control laws they helped pushed through the Legislature.

"We know what really happened here. Yes, we had the strong NRA and you have a person like Mr. Head, but what this story is really about, it's about voter suppression," Giron said.

The former state senator claimed that 70 percent of Colorado residents vote by mail, but there was no mail-in voting for the recall election. Surprisingly, she was quickly called out by a CNN anchor.

Find out how 6 normal guys initiated (AND SUCCEEDED) in the recall effort:

It's nice to see CNN not just spreading the propaganda, for once...