IRS Scapegoats: 'Simply Did What Bosses Ordered' News, Weather FOX19 has exclusively learned that as many as four people may be the first Cincinnati Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employees to face disciplinary action, and possibly even criminal charges, for allegedly targeting Tea Party and Liberty groups applying for non-profit status. ... However, despite the claim of just two employees being involved, FOX19 has exclusively learned from two separate sources that there could be at least four Cincinnati employees involved. ... One of FOX19's two sources went on say that these four IRS workers claim "they simply did what their bosses ordered". Keep in mind, as FOX19 reported on Tuesday, the report by the Office of Inspector General states that senior IRS officials knew agents were targeting Tea Party groups as early as 2011. If interested, you can also listen to Mark Levin reveal the IRS complaint that started it all... Even Andrea Mitchell says it's "one of the most outrageous excesses I've seen in...(Back to Video)