Secret Video: Muslims Burn, Destroy Christian Life for Joseph Colony in Pakistan

Hat tip: AtlasShrugs2000
My colleague, Jonathan C, received this video from a Christian girl who filmed it this week. The video shows an interview with one man whose home was attacked and business destroyed during the March 9th attack on Joseph Colony, in Lahore, Pakistan. She visited Joseph Colony a few days ago and shot some video that shows the deplorable conditions of Christians living in Joseph Colony. Checks that were sent to the Christian victims of this vicious Islamic terror attack bounced.

The government told people to come in and show paperwork proving what they had lost. When he gave them the paper work for his lathe machine (for which he had saved for 30 years), they took the piece of paper and tore it up right in front of him.
The chants and loud proclamations they were subjected to while escaping - we will get rid of Christians, we will teach them a lesson - still ring in her ears...