Bonhoeffer Author's Must-See Message at CPAC

Video and blog submitted by Simon de Hundehutte Anyone who has yet to see or read Eric Metaxas' speech that garnered him a standing ovation this past weekend at CPAC needs to make it a priority. Mr. Metaxas, radio commentator and author of biographies on such godly and God-fearing giants as Dietrich Bonhoeffer and William Wilberforce, unabashedly lays out the case for what he sees as the number one destruction of America -- the intentional erosion of religious freedom. In his speech, Mr. Metaxas clearly explains how the contraceptive mandate and redefinition of marriage debate are only, on the surface, about "peoples' right to choose" in the area of which babies live and die and whom people can marry. Down deep these issues are really about who controls the conversation and thought-life of the American citizen, the State or God? Are we free to bring what we learn in church on Sunday into the public arena the rest of the week, or does the State tell us to keep it all boxed up? ...(Back to Video)