Justice Clarence Thomas Visits Harvard Law School


"I loved the D.C. Circuit... and I could've stayed there. But I think I got maneuvered into this job. And then I had a really bad interview," said Clarence Thomas in this wonderful hour-long conversation with Harvard Law School Dean Martha Minow. The Harvard law students give him a standing ovation as he arrives in the room, and he jokes "I should quit while I'm ahead."

In fact, he goes on to be warm, interesting, deep, smart, and there's just way too much good stuff in here for me to quote everything that jumps out, because, really, everything jumps out.

This is a very entertaining peek behind the Supreme Court curtain and just an overall great conversation with Justice Clarence Thomas. As part of the Herbert W. Vaughan Lecture Series, Justice Thomas visits Harvard Law School -- a law school he turned down in favor of Yale because he felt it was too big and conservative for him!

Find out what else the conservative Justice Thomas says to the faculty and students at Harvard. It is well worth your time.