Real health care reform means cutting out the middle men

As the debate over repealing and replacing Obamacare continues, it's important to address one of the root causes of skyrocketing health care costs: the middle men standing between patients and doctors, driving up the price of care. Prior to Obamacare, the government's preferential tax treatment of employment-sponsored health insurance shifted the market away from doctors and patients and toward the insurance industry.  Health insurance companies effectively became the "de facto" customer in the health care market place. When insurance companies, acting as middle men, took on the role of patients, costs were driven up.  This fact is illuminated by "cash only" clinics, like in Oklahoma City.  While one Oklahoma hospital offered knee replacement surgery for upwards of $40,000, a nearby cash only clinic, that didn't run through insurance, offered the same procedure for $19,000.  That price even included a plane...(Read Full Post)