Is Donald Trump going off the liberal deep end?

There has been a big question mark about the sincerity of Donald Trump's views, given that he has spent 99% of his adult life supporting liberal positions, including amnesty for illegal aliens, and saying at one point that Hillary Clinton was a really good secretary of state. But he was said to be changed when he ran for president earlier this year.  He spoke rousingly against illegal aliens and against Muslim immigration. But all of a sudden he has taken a leftward tack, perhaps figuring, erroneously, that this is the best way to outflank Ted Cruz.  Trump has actually criticized Ted Cruz for failing to support ethanol mandates.  Ethanol mandates enrich a few big agri-businesses but impoverish the rest of us by causing higher prices both for food and for gasoline.  If Donald Trump can't cut ethanol, how can he cut any form of corporate welfare?  How can he cut anything in the budget and ever get it in balance?  He throws out the old line of...(Read Full Post)