Hillary laughs as supporter says he would like to strangle Carly Fiorina

Hillary Clinton really knows how to yuk it up with her supporters, one of whom stated (video below) during a recent Q&A with the candidate that “[e]very time I see her [Carly Fiorina] on TV I want to reach through and strangle her.” Clinton seemed to find his comment hilarious, as she erupted with laughter along with the rest of the audience.  Even when the man followed up his comment by noting that he realized that what he said doesn’t sound very good, Clinton kept laughing. Also worthy of note is the fact that this large-built man – a man Clinton said she would not “mess with” – had been laid off by Hewlett-Packard, so he had a personal bone to pick.  The guy is angry and frustrated to the point of moving beyond expression of such feelings to the idea of choking Carly Fiorina. Will Clinton be held to the same standard Republicans are held to, where it seems a week doesn’t go by when a Democrat isn’t...(Read Full Post)