Help for Sufferers of CD (Climate Dysfunction)

With the release this past Monday of new Environmental Protection Agency directives to cripple coal-fired power plants, the effort continues to rid the U.S. of the disease of low-cost energy. A big new concern being pandered by the EPA is the effect of coal-induced climate change on public health.  But, what if fossil fuels aren't as big a burden on long-term global climate change as so many that mix politics, ideology, and science believe?  And, what if, as real-world data is proving, the predictions of such “climate disruption” is more fantasy than fact?  The real issue then becomes a mismatch or "dysfunction" of climate knowledge with climate reality. So, sadly, it appears that mainstream climate science models, infected by leftist politics and ideology, are currently experiencing an embarrassing condition properly diagnosed as Climate Dysfunction or CD.  This condition can very well be...(Read Full Post)