Harvard School of Government adds a 'check your privilege' course to orientation

It's all the rage on campus, so, naturally, Harvard is leading the way. "Checking your privilege" - a catch-all phrase that the college left has gleefully latched onto as a means to silence the opposition -- will become a part of orientation at the Kennedy School of Government. New Yorker: Privilege — a catchall term for the perks an individual enjoys in society because of his race, gender, or class — has been used to analyze social inequality for decades. It’s also enjoying something of a moment, thanks to social-justice bloggers and their critics, like Princeton freshman Tal Fortgang. In a viral article for the conservative Princeton Tory, Fortgang wrote that calls to “check his privilege” — that is, to consider how his good fortune might impair his ability to empathize with others in any given debate — “threaten to strike down opinions without regard for their merits” and “solely on the...(Read Full Post)