Wendy Davis now alienating her own base

Texas Democrats must be hoping that Wendy Davis will drop out of the governor's race before she causes even more damage to the party and to the cause of feminism. By embellishing her life story (which served as the "inspiring" basis for her campaign, since she has no real accomplishments in office to tout), she has made a mockery of the feminist ideal of the scrappy woman who makes it on her own and owes nothing to men. By filibustering against a late term abortion ban, she has become the poster child for more Kenneth Gosnell chambers of horror, a stand that brought her to national prominence and enabled her to raise $12 million for her challenge to presumptive GOP nominee Greg Abbott, a wheelchair-bound man whose handicap she mocked by saying he had "never walked a mile" in her shoes. Conservatives and fair minded independents may have laughed at her, but at least her feminist true believer base was expected to stand with her. Heck, even if she lost the race, she could expect...(Read Full Post)