Top Obamacare critics join suit against subsidies

Six of Obamacare's fiercest critics in Congress have filed an amicus brief in support of a suit in federal court that seeks to get rid of subsidies for most people who buy insurance online. Washington Times: Six senators and two House leaders filed a friend-of-the-court brief Thursday in support of several businesses and individuals who sued the Obama administration, saying the Affordable Care Act clearly states that financial assistance should only flow to people who seek health plans on an exchange "established by the State." Sixteen states and the District of Columbia decided to run their own insurance exchanges under President Obama's health overhaul, while the rest decided to rely on the federal government's Plaintiffs in Halbig v. Sebelius and a similar lawsuit out of Oklahoma say the IRS unlawfully extended tax credits to people on the federal exchanges by issuing an administrative rule. If the lawsuit proves successful, millions of Americans could no...(Read Full Post)