New York City battles Third World culture

Cockfighting rings are proliferating in the Big Apple. So are foreign-born taxi drivers who are killing and injuring large numbers of pedestrians -- and getting away with it. Welcome to New York City after decades of immigration, both legal and illegal. A long-time haven for Third World immigrants, New York is increasingly looking like the Third World. Recent newspaper headlines tell the story. First, there's cockfighting: a cruel sport outlawed in America, but wildly popular in Latin America and other brutish parts of the world. Recently, law-enforcement authorities carried out raids on cockfighting rings across New York City in "Operation Angry Bird." As the New York Daily News reported: "As many as 3,000 roosters were rescued, nine arrested and 70 people rounded up in a ring that stretched through Brooklyn and Queens into Ulster County." Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was quoted as saying: "Cockfighting is a cruel, abusive and barbaric practice that...(Read Full Post)