Do Nothing Democrats Not At It Again

With the federal government at an impasse as to the direction of the country, the Democrats and their sycophants in the mainstream media would like to blame the lack of legislation on the Republicans who control the House of Representatives. Google "Do Nothing Congress" and there are scores of articles and quotes blaming Congress for a record low number of bills passed - even fewer than the infamous "Do Nothing Congress" of the Harry Truman era. Look a little deeper than the rhetoric and you will find that the inaction is coming from one branch of congress and it is the one controlled by Democrats. I did a tally of the legislation voted on by both bodies of Congress in 2013. I did not include procedural, cloture, confirmation or table votes. I also didn't include trivial votes like naming post offices. There were 8 bills voted on by both bodies. Seven of the eight bills were written and originated in the House. Only one originated in the senate. The House voted on 141 other bills....(Read Full Post)