Black Student Union & Allies Want Crime Alerts Censored

If the University of Minnesota permitted its Black Student Union to write the school's crime alerts, the alerts would probably read like this: A homo sapiens has allegedly committed a crime on or near the university... Vigilance is advised. The crime alert would also be accompanied by an apology that expressed deep sorrow to any homo sapiens offended by it. Fortunately, the crime alerts are written by the University of Minnesota Police Department (UMPD) and are posted on their webpage.  Additionally, the crime alerts are e-mailed to students, faculty, and staff. The UMPD's webpage explains that the alerts simply highlight "crimes that may pose an ongoing threat to the University community."   The Black Student Union noticed that the crime alerts routinely contained high amounts of melanin.  In other words, black suspects dominated the alerts.  Determined to change this lopsided dynamic, the Black Student Union formulated a...(Read Full Post)