If you like Obama's executive orders, you are going to love 2014

The American system of government has as it's chief executive, a president who is carefully checked by a watchful Congress and a consientious judiciary. Except, when it isn't. Case in point: Our president plans to rule us - not govern us - by using the vast powers of his office and absolute control of the federal bureaucracy to ram his vision of hope and change down our throats. Done without the approval of Congress and with little challenge from the judiciary. Can he get away with it? Watch him: The new plan "is to bring all of the government alive in a way we have never been very good at," said another official. "We'll be doing that as aggressively as possible.... and if we succeed, that is a big presidency," a senior administration official told the Post. Obama's goals are more ambitious than what he had expected to get from the GOP after his 2012 reelection, an official said. "Even in the best case - if the [GOP's] fever had broken and the clouds had parted - we still...(Read Full Post)