Chris Christie, Talking Republican

To the chagrin of Democratic politicians and pundits, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie seems so far to have emerged relatively unscathed from the media feeding frenzy over the George Washington Bridge traffic tie-up scandal, according to several new polls released this week. Two polls early in the week "show the public has remained largely indifferent" to the bridge issue, according to Politico's Jose DelReal, and that finding was reinforced by two more recent polls. The governor "fares favorably" in a new Quinnipiac poll of New Jersey voters, with a diminished but still solid 55 percent approval rating in the wake of the bridge fallout, as reported by Politico's Tal Kopan. And a new national poll finds "good news for Christie," according to NBC News' Mark Murray, with an NBC News/Marist poll showing that "nearly 70 percent of Americans" say the bridge entrance lane-closure has not "changed their opinion" about the New Jersey governor. With New Jersey Democrats doggedly...(Read Full Post)