Your Cuba 101 course

Cuban-Americans like me are very passionate about the truth of the communist regime, especially the political prisons and repressive climate of Cuba.  We've all had experience with it so that's where the passion comes from.  My dad's cousin spent 14 years in a political prison without a trial so forgive me if I get irritated when we greet a dictator with a handshake. The battle continues even on the day that President Obama shook Raul Castro's hand:  CUBAN DISSIDENTS DETAINED ON HUMAN RIGHTS DAY A couple of years ago, my Canadian friend Brian Lloyd French wrote a novel about Cuba, "Mojito".    It is a very entertaining story that tells you what life is really like in the island, from the "mask" that most people wear to coexist with the regime and the survival techniques that keep 1950s cars running. Brian explained his impressions of Cuba in a great article:  "The island of lies" "A few weeks...(Read Full Post)