Why is Obama Disowning His Relatives? (Update: he lied)

The headline of the Boston Globe story reads, "Judge says Obama's uncle can stay in US." Although the uncle in question, Onyango Obama (Onyango going forward), is the second illegal alien in the Obama family to get his green card, there is a more interesting story buried in the text than the likely political favoritism shown these law-breaking Obama kin. Onyango claimed that Obama lived with him for three weeks at his Cambridge apartment when he attended Harvard Law School. A friend of Onyango's verified the claim. Last year, however, the White House claimed that Barack Obama had never met his uncle. The argument given was that Obama had little contact with the family of the father who abandoned him. Once again, Obama seems to have been lying. According to his 1995 memoir Dreams from My Father, Obama traveled to meet his father's family in the summer before he started at Harvard. He obviously had some very recent contact with his father's family. While in Kenya, he heard a good deal...(Read Full Post)