WaPo sees Jewish threat to Temple Mount

There's something grotesquely incongruous about a Dec. 3 front-page article in the Washington Post that goes to great lengths to warn that Jews seeking to pray on Jerusalem's Temple Mount might unleash a third intifada ("At Temple Mount, dreams of prayer raise fears of violence -- Muslims raise alarms as Jews seek right to pray at disputed site" by William Booth and Ruth Eglash). The basic theme of the piece, which also takes up a full inside page, is that any outbreak of violence would be due to Jewish worshippers who are overstepping their bounds and disturbing regulations that let Jews visit Temple Mount as long as they don't pray there. Now, some Israelis are raising a long overdue question: Why are Jews discriminated against on Judaism's holiest site? After all, nobody contests the sacred Islamic status of Mecca and Medina, along with inalienable Muslim rights to pray there. Also, Jews on Temple Mount are not seeking a religious monopoly. They would be perfectly content to share...(Read Full Post)