There doesn't have to be a doctor shortage

James Pethokoukis writing at AEI pokes a few holes in the idea that there is going to be a serious shortage of doctors in America in the coming decade: In a decade or so, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges, the US may find itself needing 130,000 more doctors than medical schools will be producing. Higher demand will come from an aging society and millions more Americans with health insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act. So are we moving from a health insurance crisis to a healthcare access crisis? All else equal, perhaps. But all else is rarely equal or static in a dynamic economy like America's. AEI's Scott Gottlieb and Ezekiel Emanuel argue that "new technologies are turning the treatment of many medical conditions into less resource-intensive endeavors, requiring fewer doctors to manage each episode of illness." Also important is having non-physician medical personnel do more. But both innovative solutions could be stymied by...(Read Full Post)