The Ultimate Unskilled Worker

A glimpse of the future where Oregon employers move toward automation in lieu of paying low-skilled workers the onerous state minimum wage. To attract customers, a local car dealership in Eugene, Oregon was recently spotted utilizing a life-size cardboard cutout that mechanically waves a sign. Local businesses typically rely on temporary labor to fill such positions, and judging by the sheer volume of sign wavers around the Eugene/Springfield metro area, there is more than an adequate sized labor pool. Oregon's minimum wage is currently $8.95 per hour, the second highest in the nation. Per Oregon state law, the minimum wage is adjusted annually for inflation and is set to rise to $9.10 per hour on January 1, 2014. While the unemployment rate has gradually dropped due to a combination of modest economic improvement and workforce attrition, Oregon still ranks as having one of the higher unemployment rates in the nation at 7.7 percent. With a high state minimum wage, new hire paperwork,...(Read Full Post)