The 'Duck' is all about the left being bored with Obama

Why is the left picking a fight?  The answer is that they are ready to come "Undone" as the Guess Who used to say. Let's look at this partial list of disappointments: 1) GITMO is still open and it won't close anytime soon; 2) The NSA program has really shaken up liberals; 3) The "still in place Bush anti-terror policies" that they hated so much at "the yes we can" rally; 4) Income inequality at a high level in the 5th year of "hope and change" (Income Inequality Worse Under Obama Than George W. Bush); 5) Black unemployment is very bad under our first black president; 6) The Iran deal under attack by Senate Democrats; 7) Global warming not so warm; and, 8) The Obama Care "roll out" has raised serious concerns about competence and the future of liberalism.   One more change was made this week.  You can make a good case that the law is falling apart. My point is that you will see a very aggressive left on same sex marriage,...(Read Full Post)