Pope Francis named Time Magazine 'Person of the Year'

Pope Francis has been chosen by the editors at Time Magazine as their "Person of the Year." It's an interesting choice, given the pathological hatred of the Catholic church on the part of some gays. But Francis has struck all the right notes in his critiques of modern society and liberals have watched approvingly: How do you practice humility from the most exalted throne on earth? Rarely has a new player on the world stage captured so much attention so quickly--young and old, faithful and cynical--as has Pope Francis. In his nine months in office, he has placed himself at the very center of the central conversations of our time: about wealth and poverty, fairness and justice, transparency, modernity, globalization, the role of women, the nature of marriage, the temptations of power. At a time when the limits of leadership are being tested in so many places, along comes a man with no army or weapons, no kingdom beyond a tight fist of land in the middle of Rome but with the...(Read Full Post)