No, the GOP's 'civil war' is not about 'tactics'

The struggle between the GOP Establishment and its conservative base is often even bitterer than the Republican-Democrat contest. Civil wars are like that: differences among people who ought to be on the same side engender a special kind of anger. The Establishment wing, being established in the setas of media and party power, controls the language of the debate, mirroring the Democrats' similar advantage. Thus, Establishmentarians are "moderate" Republicans, meaning that going any further right is immoderate, i.e. dangerous or extreme. The Tea Party/base side of the debate is "hard right" or "far right" or even "extreme right." When was the last time you heard about a "moderate Democrat"?  I realize they are nearly extinct, but they used to be called "blue dogs" (hardly a complementary term). Sometimes you hear Sen. Joe Manchin called a "conservative Democrat" but I can't recall ever hearing him called a "moderate" Democrat. But one rarely hears, for example, Gov. Chris...(Read Full Post)