More bad news from Venezuela

Venezuela and Ciudad Juarez, on the other side of El Paso, Texas, have been in the news for several years.   Ciudad Juarez was "ground zero" for the Mexican cartel war.  Venezuela is slowly falling apart, a perfect storm of bad management and a determined effort to undermine democracy. We actually got some "good news" from Ciudad Juarez, as reported by The New York Times; "With violence down to a quarter of its peak, Ciudad Juárez, a perennial symbol of drug war devastation, is experiencing what many here describe as a boom.    New restaurants pop up weekly, a few with a hipster groove. Schools and homes in some neighborhoods are gradually filling again, while new nightclubs throb on weekends with wall-to-wall teenagers and 20-somethings who insist on reclaiming the freedom to work and play without being consumed by worry.   "It's a different city," said Mr. Lujana, 31, who moved back a few months ago. "The drug dealers have receded;...(Read Full Post)