Mandela was a bit too friendly with Castro and Ghadaffi

As my friend Bill Katz wrote, let's remember the real Mandela: "His fight against apartheid, which included years in prison, was not joined by a similar fight to uplift South Africa once it was free.  The country is a mess.  And Mandela had a casualness about dictatorial regimes, like Gaddafi's Libya, that remains troubling.  But political correctness will shove these concerns aside." We remember Mandela as a man who stood up to apartheid, a noble cause.     Mandela did lose his freedom and I am not defending the way that he was treated, especially in his early days.  But, he was released.    We will also remember him as a man who praised dictators like Gaddafi and Castro, or not very noble causes. This is what he said when he visited Cuba: "Fidel Castro and Nelson Mandela developed such a close relationship that it's impossible to forget when speaking about the African leader in Latin America. The triumph...(Read Full Post)