5,000 reasons not to shake Raul Castro's hand

The Obama-Castro handshake happened last week and we saw examples of hardcore repression on the island. Our friends at Babalu brought this terrible fact to our attention:  Political arrests in Cuba surpassed 5,000 for 2013 Just yesterday, the Castro regime arrested another 30 ladies of "The Ladies of Whtie" movement, a group of women who march on Sundays after mass calling for reforms and often freedom for their husbands in political prisons. To our knowledge, Raul Castro did not return to Cuba and make any statement about the handshake with President Obama.  More importantly, there are no signs that "the handshake" will have any impact on political reforms in the island. More of the same, handshake or no handshake. We should add that "the handshake" did have a profound impact on Tom Hayden, the 1960s activist. He wrote this about what is happening in the island:  "The Cubans are moving toward market socialism, with a...(Read Full Post)