There are so many instances where it would be appropriate to use the "period" verbal punctuation with this President. "Period", it is final. I have spoken, no need for further discussion. Case closed. Issue resolved, We all know of the "you can keep you health insurance if you like it, period" and the "you can keep your doctor if you like him, period." But, the alleged, the suggested promise that comes with the "period" comment is applicable in so many other instances. It would be wise to add "period" to all his misdirections, past and future, as a reminder of the expected level of veracity.   "Period" should be used each time this President is quoted or referred to, serving as a constant reminder of his wellspring of untruths. "I will put legislative deliberations on CSPAN for all to witness, not negotiating behind close doors, period." "I will scrub the budget line by line, period." "I will close GITMO in a year, period." "I will not take private funding for my...(Read Full Post)